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Our products include in heather(brushwood) fences,fern fences,bark fences,willow fences,bamboo split fences,whole woven solid pole fence,whole chained solid Pole fence,reed fences,bamboo trellis fences, tonkin bamboo,bamboo canes,bamboo poles,bamboo sticks,bamboo stakes(tonkin canes),bamboo flower sticks,bamboo incense sticks,bamboo u hoop,triangle bamboo obelisk,expanding bamboo obelisk,bamboo border,bamboo Cane Ladder, rattan wire basket and other bamboo garden Horticulture products in China. Kindly please feel free to contact us for any of your requirements.

Natural fur tree bark make wonderful rustic fence either in outdoor or indoor, with a bit of imagination and innovative process, we offer you a fence that will bring nature to your home.

Our Brushwood Fencing is made from thick and thin pieces of heather woven together with galvanized wire. Heather fences are slightly darker than bamboo or willow fences and also tend to be thicker and bushier. Cover the roof of a plain garden shed with this fence to give it an attractive, Old World "thatched" appearance. This fence also makes an elegant garden backdrop.

Our high quality bamboo stakes/canes are great demand for the use of supporting different sized plants at their different heights, and which are widely used in all greenhouses and nurseries around the global. All they are under our careful attention processed in our China factory. At present in our lines, we can supply a variety range of both in lengths and diameters. Sizes can be ranging from 60cm to 500cm or above in lengths with different diameters that best suits the needs of various customers.
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